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Re: Migrating from RH9 Legacy to CentOS 3

Quoting "Ralph E. Kenyon, Jr." <diogenes xenodochy org>:

I'm still using RedHat 9 and up2date.
What would I have to do to upgrade to a fedora version?

You can either:

1) Install "yum" and upgrade that way
2) Download and burn a Fedora Core (or whatever RHEL/FedoraCore based distro
   you want) ISO to a cdrom, boot from the cdrom, and upgrade that way.

If you want to go from RHL 9 to some similar version (Centos 3.x, Fedora Core
1, etc) then you can upgrade fairly painlessly either way.  If you want to
skip generations (upgrade to Centos 4.x, Fedora Core 5, etc) then you will
probably have lots of problems/issues, and I don't recommend skipping over
versions like that.  In those cases, I do multiple consecutive upgrades
(e.g. RHL 9 -> Fedora Core 1 -> Fedora Core 2 -> Fedora Core 5, or
RHL 9 -> Centos 3.x -> Centos 4.x).  There is just too much different
between RHL 9 and current OS versions to rely on the upgrade between them
without going through some inbetween releases.

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Go Longhorns!

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