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Re: fedora-l] Migrating from RH9 Legacy to CentOS 3

Michal Jaegermann wrote:

On Sun, Oct 29, 2006 at 01:36:18PM +0000, Paul Lee wrote:

All we have to do then is copy/backup the legacy RH9 server into a the new openvz node (typically into /vz/private/<veid)). Basically rsync / /home /var /usr etc

A word of warning here.  When you are doing operations like the
above, for whatever reasons, skip /var/log/lastlog file.  Not only
an information in it will not be useful later but this is a sparse
file and it is "very sparse". :-)

Thats a good point. But another reason I like Openvz. The "file system" is entirely quota based so scales dynamically and "on the fly" to the full extent of the space available on the disc.

With Xen/UML etc its alo neccessary it create an image file with dd, then format it for ext3, them would have to mount the "image" as loopback device and the start copying your legacy system into the "file" etc..

These steps are entirely eliminated with openvz. You just copy to /vz/private/<vzid> (obviously with some refinements to avoid copying too much "junk," to save time and speed - you just need a big enough /var partition ;o)). You can cd straight into these directories. Create you vz.conf file then "boot" the VE instance.

I know you can create "sparse" disc images for xen, uml etc which grow dynamically but there tends to be a performance issue.

Anyway I'm perhaps wandering a bit "off topic" here  ;o)


Paul Lee

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