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[Fedora-legal-list] Software is once again unpatentable in the United States

Quote from http://www.pli.edu/patentcenter/blog.asp?view=plink&id=368 :

Here are the highlights:

  * The Federal Circuit rejected the that the "useful, concrete and tangible
	result" inquiry as being inadequate.

  * Patentability under 101 does not depend on process steps, but rather
	requires a tangible machine or transformation into a different state.

  * *Software* *is* *once* *again* *unpatentable* *in* *the* *United* *States*

  * In order to protect what was formerly known as patentable software we
	will have to go back to claiming a machine that provides certain

  * Software patents that have been issued under the previous understanding
	of the law are almost certainly now worthless.

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