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Re: [Fedora-legal-list] THOR Public License (based on MPL)

Jason L Tibbitts III píše v St 19. 11. 2008 v 12:36 -0600:
> This package brings up a couple of other issues.
> Firstly, it's an emulator, but it doesn't seem to need any original
> ROMs to run because they're written their own work-alikes.  I'm
> assuming this is OK, but I guess it's worth asking.

I have made the same assumption before trying to package it officially.

> Secondly, those work-alike ROMs are included in pre-assembled format,
> with the source being made available separately.  What are our
> obligations with respect to providing the source to these ROMs?  And,
> perhaps offtopic for this list, how does this jibe with the general
> Fedora "build everything from source" goal?

Now there is a technical problem to build the ROM, because we don't have
a package for the cc65 cross-compiler environment. But IMHO it should
not be required to build such non-native content from sources assuming
its license is free enough.


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