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Re: [Fedora-legal-list] cc65 license

>>>>> "DH" == Dan Horák <dan danny cz> writes:

DH> Hi, can someone check the cc65 cross-compiler environment license
DH> at http://www.cc65.org/#Copyright ?

Anyone may copy or redistribute these programs, provided that:

  1:  You don't charge anything for the copy.  It is permissable (sic) to
      charge a nominal fee for media, etc.

seems to be non-free to me.  I've no idea why they say this at the

      This copyright notice is based on the one published by the Free
  Software Foundation, sometimes known as the GNU project.  The idea
  is the same as theirs, ie the software is free, and is intended to
  stay that way.  Everybody has the right to copy, modify, and re-
  distribute this software.  Nobody has the right to prevent anyone
  else from copying, modifying or redistributing it.

since it doesn't seem to me that it's even GPL-compatible.  The
original copyright date is 1989; I guess it was a more naive time.

 - J<

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