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[Fedora-legal-list] e legal issue question


I need an information about the legal statement about using Fedora. My
company is an ODM and producing laptops. One of our customer is asked
the laptops Linux installed. There will not be any charge for the
operating system. I was checking the Fedora TradeMark GuideLines. I
haven't seems any restriction for selling laptops with Fedora installed.
But i want to get that info from the first hand. 

After the installation, third party wlan and modem drivers will be
installed. Also will be installed a GPL application that shows on screen
display when the wireless is on and off from hotkeys. 

So according to the TradeMark Policy indicating these software are not
provided and maintained by the Fedora Project and also applying the Logo
Usage Guidelines to the DVD itself will be fine. 

Will be happy if you give information about this issue. 


Oğuz Yarımtepe

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