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[Fedora-legal-list] can we allow scummvm-tools?

I began reviewing this scummvm-tools package:

scummvm is an engine to run old games, mainly Lucasarts (then Lucasfilm) adventure flicks. Most of these games are now abandonware. As far as I know, scummvm also runs other games, some of which are now free. scummvm is distibuted by Fedora.

On the other hand, scummvm-tools is a utility package. The only thing scummvm-tools does is to extract (and re-compress) data from these abandonware. Both scummvm and scummvm-tools come from the same project.

I am not sure if we can package scummvm-tools in Fedora. I blocked FE-Legal but on a second thought I felt unsure whether this is an issue that needs to be dealt by FE-Legal.

Can I get some help here? If not, whom should I ask?


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