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[Fedora-legal-list] License for wallpapers in old Fedora releases

At the Design-Team we figured it would be handy to provide (perhaps in a gallery) wallpapers from the old releases, so the users who liked them can have a handy access at the images. It is also useful to have when documenting our history.

However, we have a licensing issue with the images created before the team establishment, from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora 7, when they were created behing the closed doors, at the Red Hat Desktop Team.

My understanding is, being created Red Hat employees as part of their normal job and included into Fedora, those should have some Free license.

However, for compatibility with the artwork produced currently and for easy access by everybody, it would be useful to have access to those images under a CreativeCommons license (Attribution or Attribution - Share Alike).

From seeing the recent license chance of the wiki, I expect the license change for old wallpapers to be also doable but legal advice is needed.

nicu :: http://nicubunu.ro :: http://nicubunu.blogspot.com/

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