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Re: [Fedora-legal-list] nautilus-dropbox question

On 07/28/2009 05:24 PM, David Cantrell wrote:

> While it appears we can redistribute them with nautilus-dropbox, users would
> not be allowed to use these images for other things.  Is replacing them
> sufficient for Fedora packaging?  What about the pristine source?  Can they be
> left in the source archive or does that have to be scrubbed?

Replacing them should be sufficient, as long as they are also deleted in
%prep. You don't need to repackage the source archive, since we
technically have permission to redistribute them, albeit under extremely
narrow and unfriendly terms.

> 2) nautilus-dropbox itself is a small piece of the larger dropbox client
> system.  When you install it, it will determine if you have ~/.dropbox-dist on
> your system.  If you don't, it will run the dropbox setup "thing", which
> downloads dropbox-dist from Evenflow for your system and places it in
> ~/.dropbox-dist.  The contents of ~/.dropbox-dist are precompiled variants of
> all of the libraries and programs they need to run.  Dropbox appears to ignore
> the system versions and just has you use whatever they include.

This is the very definition of code fail. I think you're going to need
to patch this out, so it uses system libs.

> This isn't really part of nautilus-dropbox, it's just installed by the setup
> program on the first run.  The concern here is do we care about programs that
> download large wads of precompiled software and stuff it in dot directories?

Yeah, we care.


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