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Re: Samba & IPTables


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On Fri, 1 Aug 2003, Epps, Aaron M. wrote:

>     Here's my suggestion...  When a user configures their server to have Samba start on boot, don't you think they'd probably want to open the appropriate ports so that people can connect to their Samba Server?  I think that when I uses clicks on the checkbox in the Services Config Tool it should prompt the user, asking them if they'd like to open the appropriate ports in their firewall for Samba (137-139).   Otherwise, if you don't realize that IPTables is what's stopping your Samba Server from being available in "Network Neighborhood" you'll have to dig around and manually configure iptables, which isn't necessarily the most intuitive thing in the world.   This could also be done for similar servers that require certain ports to be opened up (SSH, FTP, Apache, Etc...)  Thoughts anyone? 

What you auggest would be bad. Think about the case where you have 2 nic's
in a machine and you have things configured to automagically open up the ports
to the outside world. If you have a single machine behand a firewall and 
the complexities of samba + iptables are too much to handle then turn off
iptables. If you are paranoid enough to want iptables enabled on such a machine
then you should be paranoid enough to not want things messing with your rules
without your knowledge. What you are suggesting would end up being a support 
nightmare. Yes I know they way it is now is also a problem but at least now
it is simple to say turn off iptables and try again. If it now works then
you know where to look.


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