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RE: Samba & IPTables

On Fri, 1 Aug 2003, Epps, Aaron M. wrote:

PLEASE WRAP YOUR LINES at less than 80 characters per line.

> This suggestion is for "Home Users"... If someone's a SysAdmin and you 
> have issues with figuring out Samba & IPTables then you shouldn't be 
> one.  
> IPTables are enabled by default, how is a user going to know that they 
> have to stop the iptables service in order for Network Browsing to work?  
> Also, I don't think just shutting off IPTables is a suitable solution, 
> and even if they did shut off IPTables how many people do you know that 
> have physical firewalls setup at home?  If you also read my note, I 
>suggested prompting the user if they wanted to open these ports, not to 
> automagiclly go ahead an do it without their knowledge.

Maybe a personal firewall approach is needed. Just like it pop-ups a 
yes/no dialog box for every outgoing or incoming connection such a program 
could pop-up and ask to allow incoming calls for certain listen ports.
(The moment a program listens on a port an event is triggered)

And then you can decide to allow it from a single address, a network 
range or decide to allow it on a case by case basis.

That's probably what 'Home Users' would expect anyway. The current 
iptables firewall from Red Hat is a basic tool and limited in 

Kind regards,
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