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Re: fmf-frequently missed features and some general thoughts...

Tim Kossack wrote:
 > ok, but that doesn't mean that red hat couldn't make money with support
(and/or one version without the goodies for free, one to download with
the goodies for some $), or club (mandrake) or store (lindows) etc..
in order to convince people getting support etc...(see above).
but obviously red hat seems to have given up making money on endusers,
and rhl is-as you say-simply a communityproduct for geeks (like you and
me), providing them in turn with manpower, ideas and bugfixing.
what a pity-imo, they def. should try making more of it!

I'm guessing you're just ignoring everyone here, but the release of Red Hat Linux we are discussing here is free as in Free Software Foundation free. Packages that have patent issues, or are binary only aren't going to be included.

Red Hat has decided that the consumer biz is not for them. You obviously think there's plenty of money there, so go for it. Thats where Mandrake got their start, I'm sure Red Hat won't mind.



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