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Message Formatting -- was: Samba & IPTables

Robin Green wrote:
On Sat, Aug 02, 2003 at 02:10:14AM -0400, Tom Diehl wrote:

And if you're not convinced yet, look at:


Hummm, that is weird. I do wrap the lines. I do them by hand yet the archives do not show them as wrapped. Something is weird here.

YOUR mails show as wrapped correctly:


However, Aaron Epps' MUA has "helpfully" unwrapped your mail for you ;-)

And oh BTW for the people who think html emails are good, guess again. html
mail is not readable by all mua's

It should be, it has more features. Including that if you quote back in
the right way in a reply, HTML paragraphs should never get unintentionally
broken up like text paragraphs do, like:

blah blah foo blah


foo fo fum fee fi


which I find annoying.

is a security risk

Not if you turn off (external/all) images and Javascript.

and is a waste of
bandwidth which matters if you have a metered account.

The amount of bandwidth wasted due to a few <html>, <p> and <i> tags should
be miniscule. Much more bandwidth is wasted by not compressing mails, but I
don't see the anti-HTML-mail people complaining about that. ;)

Could we split the formatting debate to a different thread please? The topic is OT from the original discussion and should fork.

Thank you.

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Charles Bronson

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