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Re: RHL with User Mode Linux kernel?

On Sun, 3 Aug 2003, Robin Green wrote:

> Has anyone ever tried installing RHL as usual and then swapping out
> the Red Hat kernel for a User Mode Linux kernel and running one copy
> of RHL "on top of" another, separate Linux installation?
> Did it boot? - after some fiddling of course!

I have had a UML RedHat sub-box running for a while. I built it by hand,
using rpm a lot, but you can use the installer, eg. via the instructions
you found at http://linuxhacker.ru/uml/, or look at some of the recent
posts on the uml mailling lists (see links from
http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net/ ). The main rule is if you are
running on a standard RedHat 9 kernel, make sure your UML kernel has
uml-patch-2.4.20-4 or later.

> [*] Actually, I've just found out that RH8 had a UML _kernel_
> included, but this was dropped in RH9 due to patching issues, but it
> will be back because it's in kernel 2.6 - see:
>  "Red Hat Linux 9 Technical Changes - or when the RELEASE-NOTES are
>  just not enough"
>  http://www.gurulabs.com/RedHatLinux9-review.html

That is guesswork, and even in 2.6 the uml version of the kernel lacks
some of the newer features in 2.6 or RedHat's 2.4 kernels. However UML is
one of the features I would like to see added to the Red Hat Linux
project once it opens up to externally maintained packages. And it would
also be nice if anaconda, the RedHat installer supported UML more

	Michael Young

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