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what's behind the scenes of redhat-config-network-gui ?

Hi --

Can somene tell me what goes on "behind the scenes" of redhat-config-network-gui? Especially with regard to creating a new wireless connection with this tool.

The reason I ask is, with Red Hat 9 on a Dell C640 and a Dell TrueMobile 1150 ( Lucent card, the orinoco driver works ), when I create a new wireless connection using redhat-config-network-gui, it doesn't work. Activating the card doesn't work, and it never gets an IP address and never contacts the nearest WAP.

However, if I then do:

iwconfig eth1 key {OUR WEP KEY},

followed by /sbin/service network restart,

it works. However, after the next reboot, it doesn't work again, and iwconfig shows no wep key.

Can someone tell me either a) how to fix this so it works with redhat-config-network-gui or b) what r-c-n-g actually does, so I can fix it myself?


Aaron Bennett

-- Aaron Bennett UNIX Administrator Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

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