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Re: RedHat 9.A - Add/Remove Software

Robin Green wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 10, 2003 at 06:24:27PM +0200, Klaus Zahradnik wrote:
> > Hy-
> > I bought both issues of the RedHat Linux Magazine. I made a fresh install with the CDs from the second issue (RH9.A). 
> > After the installation is comleted, you cannot add nor remove software with the packet manager.
> Do you mean RPM, or something else? Do you get an informative error message?
It is the Package Management which you can find under 'System settings/Add/Remove Applications'.

For example, after a fresh installation with the 9.A disks, I was not able to install the SQL Database Servers programm group.

After inserting the requested cd-rom, it simply failed. Sure enough, I just tried to re-create the error, now it works...weird.
I had the very same problem on 4 different machines and 6 different installations.

It did happen after a regular "Workstation" installation when I tried to install KDE afterwards.

But now I noticed, that the checkboxes for adding/removing the X Window system + Gnome Desktop enviroment and KDE Desktop enviroment are gone.
Now I can't uninstall KDE...sure in the shell it'll work...but not in the application window.

best regards

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> Robin
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