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Re: fmf-frequently missed features and some general thoughts...

On 2 Aug 2003, Tim Kossack wrote:
> Am Sam, 2003-08-02 um 05.54 schrieb Gerald Henriksen:

> > It can vary.  The big problem from Red Hat's perspective though is
> > that they are not open source and Red Hat's postition is that anything
> > included in Red Hat Linux must be open source

> but certainly not from a business point of view,

You'd be surprised. Many people like the fact that Red Hat
has the ability to fix bugs in all software it claims is
supported.  Big corporations are very happy when their
suppliers can fix the software problems that inevitably
crop up on the really high end servers.

Nothing worse than investing $200,000 in a machine and
then finding out that the hardware/software combination
wasn't supported after all.  This is a scenario that has
to be prevented at all cost.

This is my personal opinion, though it really should be everyone's.

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