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Re: Wireless PCMCIA nic for Red Hat 9 ?

I use a true mobile also... works perfect.

I have also used Lucents Ornioco. It too worked which is basically the same card.

Kreg Steppe

Scott Seagroves wrote:
On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 13:25, Aaron Bennett wrote:

Does anyone have a solid suggestion?  I know that cards based on the 
orinoco chipset *should* work, as should intersil cards.  What I need is 
a brand/model.  I'm going nuts looking through resellers' sites trying 
to figure out what card is based on what chipset.  It's maddening, in 

I use a Dell Truemobile 1150, which is supposedly (according to the kind
folks at yahoo group linux-dell-laptops) a rebranded Orinoco Gold card. 
It works like a charm on RH9, automatically coming up with the
orinoco/orinoco_cs drivers.

You can get this card pretty cheap, try froogle.google.com.  BUT BEWARE
of the newer Truemobile 1180, which uses one of those
not-yet-supported-under-linux Broadcom chipsets.

hope that helps,
Scott Seagroves

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