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RE: RedHat9 unable to print on W2k share.

> > You didn't mention the version of Red Hat Linux that you're using. 
> > Would you mind confirming which, and what version of 
> > redhat-config-printer in particular you have?
> Well, I am using Red Hat 9 and whatever print manager version 
> came with it. I can tell you the exact version number 
> tomorrow. I did leave my laptop at work today. It just was 
> too hot to carry it on the train today. :)
> regards
> Klaus

How should that work as your printer Brother HL1030 is a GDI printer?! There
is no linux support for those purely windows printers. All works is done by
the windows driver while with PCL and PS printers the printer own controller
chip renders the printpages.


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany
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