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Re: Numlock on at boot/ X startup

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 07:22:59PM -0400, Charles Bronson wrote:
> Is RedHat planning on adding the option of having the Numlock on at boot and/or 
> when Gnome starts up? I know KDE has an preference setting for this and Mandrake 
> has an RPM to handle it. Maybe it is a topic for kernel developers and the Gnome 
> team but RH has spent so much time on the usability that I was hoping they would 
> come up with a fix if the separate developer groups weren't.

We'd almost certainly only do this in the context of an upstream
project, for several reasons; first, if you add a config option that's
like adding API, it causes problems if upstream adds the same option
differently later on; second, it's a UI/string change which means docs
and translations have to be updated, and all docs/translation work
happens upstream; third, it is something worth fixing but it's
probably not a large enough issue to be worth maintaining a custom

The ideal situation is that we don't have any patches vs. upstream
projects other than changes to default themes and configuration, and
for GNOME we're pretty close to that at the moment.


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