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/usr boot time dependencies


i've noticed the following:

[paul fogarty paul]$ which id
[paul fogarty paul]$ which uniq

[paul fogarty paul]$ rpm -ql tcp_wrappers | grep libwrap.so

The problem with this is that:

- id and uniq are required by init scripts, eg to setup IPv6 in the 
network init script, and portmap init script requires it too.

- portmap resides in /bin but links to libwrap.so - which is in 
/usr/lib and may not be available.

so would it be possible for:

- the coreutils package to /truely/ be core, ie everything it 
installs should be either to /bin or /sbin. If needs be it should be 
pruned of utils which are not really core.

- tcp_wrappers to install to /lib, not /usr/lib. This is a fairly
important library, why is it installed to /usr/lib?

thanks (from someone who boots machines from NFS, with /usr as a 
seperate export).

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