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Re: An official trademark policy for CheapBytes-type RHL CDs?

--- Charles Bronson <packetgeek chuckiechanboys com>
> AFAIR Red Hat's big issue with alternate provider
> CD's having the Red Hat 
> name/logo on them was that they(Red Hat) were
> getting too many consumers 
> expecting free tech support with their "official"
> disc's.

And this will no longer be an issue because there will
be no more official CDs. The problem will be finding
the unofficial ones.

The problem is this. Say I'm a Red Hat user without
broadband or a CD-writer. I try to find a way to get
the latest Red Hat 10 CDs. Since Red Hat won't be
selling Red Hat 10 via retail, my *only* alternatives
will be to find a friend who can burn CDs or to get
the  CDs from CheapBytes, CheepLinux, etc. How am I
expected to know that Pink Tie 10, Blue Jacket 10,
etc., are just Red Hat 10 is disguise? Am I expected
to rely on the grapevine alone?

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