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Re: An official trademark policy for CheapBytes-type RHL CDs?

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On Sun, 17 Aug 2003 10:06:13 -0400, Chris Kloiber wrote:

> I am an Enterprise Level Technical Support Engineer here at Red Hat, and
> I can say that the thing that *really* upsets people who call in for
> support is being told that the "Red Hat CD's" you got from the back of
> the "Red Hat Linux Bible" were not purchased from Red Hat, and there is
> no telephone or web-based support provided by Red Hat for that
> publishers product. Most of these people even tell you that our phone
> number is printed *in* the book! I looked and it is, however they never
> read down to the part that says that they can *buy* support from Red
> Hat. It is still possible to buy a single incident of installation level
> support from the website for Red Hat Linux 7.1 through 9, but it's just
> not widely advertised. So most of those conversations tend to end
> abruptly with a click after I tell them about the option to buy support
> from the website.

And as a result of that you [Red Hat] get harsh criticism in message
boards where those users report about their "bad experience" with
Red Hat Support and sometimes even accuse Red Hat of fraud, because
they don't understand what has happened and whom to believe.

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