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Re: An official trademark policy for CheapBytes-type RHL CDs?

James J. Ramsey wrote:
--- Charles Bronson <packetgeek chuckiechanboys com>
but rather that customers from the other distributers
expected the same level of technical support(free) that the people who bought
an official boxed received.

But now Red Hat won't be selling official boxes *at
all*, let alone ones with the privilege of tech
support. That changes the landscape dramatically.

Other issues aside(because I'm afraid I was pushing the discussion OT), this still doesn't solve the problem of people buying third party disc's then calling RH tech support expecting free assistance and then getting pissed at RH because they have to pay for the help. If the third party vendors find a workable way to overcome this I'll bet RH will be ecstatic to resolve this issue.

-- (¬_ Some days you're the windshield >o) //\ Some days you're the bug... /\\ V_/_ _\_V Charles Bronson

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