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Re: Bug 69903 newt -- Why no progress?

Because this is a development issue, please followup to rhl-devel-list.

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 01:51:06PM -0400, Janina Sajka wrote:
> The cursor tracking problem first reported against newt well over a year
> ago, and recently re-opened as the community of blind users tracked down
> the problem and created the resolution patch, continues unresolved as
> shown by Bugzilla just a few moments ago. May I point out that this fix
> is extremely important to thousands of users of Speakup worldwide?
> So, is there a problem with the fix submitted? It would be most helpful
> to have newt working properly in Cambridge.

The problem is, I think, reviewing it to make sure that it doesn't break
anything else.  A description of exactly why the change is a fix can help
for things like this.

-    newtGotorc(co->top + (li->currItem - li->startShowItem) + 1, co->left + 1);+    newtGotorc(co->top + (li->currItem - li->startShowItem) + li->bdyAdjust,
+               co->left + li->bdxAdjust);

I note that bdxAdjust is set only to 0 or 2, and it's not at all clear
to me how changing bdxAdjust applies to this bug report from the
description.  It might still be correct or an improvement, but it is
not clear at a short read why it is either.

The change to bdyAdjust makes sense to me as a fix for this bug report.


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