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Re: An official trademark policy for CheapBytes-type RHL CDs?

--- Paul Iadonisi <pri rhl1 iadonisi to> wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-08-16 at 20:04, Stephen Smoogen wrote:
>   I have a suggestion.  How about renaming the Red
> Hat Linux Project to
> the Blue Sombrero Linux Project (or something like
> that). 

Interesting thought. Not sure if "Blue Sombrero" would
be the best name, but having

1) a trademark sufficiently different from the name
"Red Hat Linux" that unsupported users won't bug RH
tech support, and

2) consistency in naming amongst the third-party
sellers, instead of having CheapBytes call it "Pink
Tie", OSDisc calling it "Red Tux," etc.,

might be enough to avoid confusion amongst potential
Red Hat users trying to find CDs.

"Fedora Linux" has a nice ring.

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