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Re: An official trademark policy for CheapBytes-type RHL CDs?

On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 04:24:16PM -0400, jmcdermo wrote:
> It seems there are several avenues for expanding our development
> mindshare which could have a pleasant side effect of generating some
> revenue (which should cover the endeavor). One such avenue that jumps
> out is "on-demand-publishing." Does it make sense to anyone else to
> have:
> 1) an active and current view into the current build trees of all RHLP
> rpms with current blogs, mailing list links, and forum links in one
> place. Which will provide:
>         a) the ability to conveniently select "send me an iso" of todays
>         snapshot which adds it to your rhn channel, and then forwards
>         you to cheapbytes or whomever wishes to provide the "on-demand"
>         service, whom will secure an agreement to produce these
>         "on-demand" isos into cds for download.

I'm not sure whether many companies would have enough cheap bandwidth
to be able to affordably provide on-demand snapshots (3 CD ISOs,
right?). I suppose if the ISO build system was released, it could work
with a nightly rsync-RPMS-and-base-then-build-ISO.

Of course, many universities have fat enough pipes ... but I'm not
sure they are allowed to sell CDs, or even allow companies to use
their bandwidth ;-)

But maybe the rsync way could work.

> 4) If pursuing this path I would also propose a downloadable or
> "on-demand" mpeg on the optimized use of the system for interacting with
> peers which are probablly encountering the same problems.

mpeg hmm? I like it - but please also provide a HTML version for those
of us stuck on slow dialup lines! ;-)

> 5) Last, another possible though might be Red Hat provides a forum which
> allows users to build an online reputation and provide support through
> our portal to other users that have problems. A "connection" of minds.

Excellent! I really like this idea! 

> This could include homepages with howtos, and other Red Hat Linux
> related help issues coupled with possibly a banner for their consultant
> services.

*rubs hands in glee at paid consultant possibilities*

> I would assume there would be a means of providing an
> "associates" credit (possibly an education credit?) to the successful
> answer of a question. The more answered accurately the more they get.

There are of course other meeting points like this on the web and
you could look at these to build on their strengths and try and avoid
their weaknesses. Google Answers is one.

> Access would be based on the level of RHN subscription the user has.
> ie. beta user would get one level of support, daily snapshot user
> another, and trade user a third. These levels of support can include up
> to Red Hat technical dial in support, or at the lower levels just web
> tickets, or just forum access.

Having to pay anything for forum access could reduce the pool of
people (both questioners and answerers) substantially, which would
make it harder to attain a critical mass. I strongly suggest making
the most basic level (including forum access) free of charge.

> This would replace the old model, and
> might include the shipment of documentation (perhaps with the trade
> version).

Good hard copy documentation (esp. for the installation process for
when they can't so easily read stuff online) is often a plus for
newbies :)

Anyway, great ideas!

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