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Red Hat 10

"RedHat is actually leaving the "boxed distro" business as far as 
redhat 10 is concerned. This complies with the shift of the actual 
"user" distro's status which is now called "Red Hat Linux Project." You 
can read more about that and the shift of development power somewhere 
on redhat's site. If someone can provide the link I would be much 
obliged, I'm too tired to go digging."

Thanks, I had read that on the http://rhl.redhat.com/ site, but the content
went away. I am just wondering if we can get CD's somehow other than
through a download that will be signed by Red Hat without violating their
or whatever. I notice a lot of posting about Cheap Bytes, and I know that
Europe is doing doing Red Hat Magazine (I saw it on a European Red Hat site
once - have to go checking again).

"RedHat is basically going to focus on selling their enterprise line of
stuff while drawing on the base distro as a source of packages and
advancements. Basically, the new distro is gonna be like the testing
grounds for the new technology to be included into the enterprise line.
ISO's will still be available for the distro for download from the usual
mirrors. As far as redhat magazine I know nothing about that. Hope I was of
some help."

Yes, you were. My family just gets ticked when I download ISO's (I make
them get off the net connection). If Red Hat burns or blesses the burns of
the ISOs anywhere - then that is okay too, I suppose. I know that several
other vendors are staying in the stores, but I would like to say - hey! I
would subsribe to a Red Hat Linux Project magazine (especially if they had
like quarterly updates and such on DVD - hint! hint!).

Thanks again Jack.

Much oliged,


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