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Re: browser problem

a similar problem was solved by installing JVM from Blackdown instead

Sameh Attia
dc -e '603178305900664311156641389051003470569569613466992253686426210705237258P'

Shadhin rahman wrote:

My browser was not working properly, it did not
execute any javasript enable pages. So, I enabled
java on my browser. it did not help. I installed
most updated browser, netscape 7.1 and mozilla 1.5. Unfortunately it did not help either. I installed
most updated version of jvm. Now when I tried to
launch netscape, I get an error message and I am not
able to view java enabled webpages. The error message
is given below

LoadPlugin: failed to initialize shared library
undefined symbol: __vt_17nsGetServiceByCID]

Anyone has any idea about how can I fix this error.

P.S  Special thanks to Aron Bannet and Steve Bergmen
for giving instruction about text mode.

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