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Re: doughnuts on a fish hook

Steve Bergman said:
> On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 10:44, Troy Dawson wrote:
>>   Buying the Enterprise stuff is not an option.
> I guess this is as good a place as any to ask this question.
> RHEL comes, necessarily, with a support agreement.  The support
> agreement is good for 1 machine. That much is clear.
> But what if you buy, say, 1 copy for every 10 machines and designate
> ahead of time which machines get the support contracts, and which are
> unsupported.  Is this legit?

You do realize that the license agreement is available to read, right?

I think it makes it pretty clear, "If Customer wishes to increase the
number of Installed System, then Customer will purchase from Red Hat
additional Services for each additional Installed System."

If you are violating the license, you don't get support.  If you don't get
support one has to wonder why you aren't using RHLP...

William Hooper

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