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Re: doughnuts on a fish hook

William Hooper wrote:
For reference:

Charles Bronson said:

So Red Hat could have three support options:

------- SNIP ------

Looks like Red Hat is a step ahead of you.

Holy cow!!! I'm a damn genious... just a little behind the curve at it ;-)

OK, I know I've looked at those price lists and options(at the above link) before. I guess in all the other stuff I've been working on it slipped out of my brain. In light of so much of the broohaha(sp?) about WS licensing cost that has gone one here recently I have only one comment... $299 for a seat license and year of phone/web support! QUIT BITCHING ABOUT LICENSING COSTS!!! One per incident call to Microsoft will damn near equal that and I have invoices to prove it. Furthermore that price isn't even a volume discount.

Sorry I went a little over the edge there. But licensing costs are a near and dear subject for me right now as we are fighting to replace our *very* dated Microsoft products with Linux.

-- (¬_ Some days you're the windshield >o) //\ Some days you're the bug... /\\ V_/_ _\_V Charles Bronson

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