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Re: doughnuts on a fish hook

Steve Bergman said:
> On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 18:09, William Hooper wrote:
>> Howard Owen said:
>> So they understand that keeping up with Errata on a distro is time
>> consuming and costly.  It doesn't make sense for them to do this on
>> their
>> own, but they think it makes sense for Red Hat to do it and give it to
>> them for free?
> It obviously made sense to RedHat when RedHat was a company of ~100
> employees.  But it does not make sense now that RedHat is a larger
> company of over 600 employees.

A lot of things that made sense during the dot-com bubble don't make sense

Looks like this is turning into a flame war.  I'm not part of Red Hat's
decision making process, so I can't help you with what motivates them to
do what they do.  I was just giving an alternative view to "Red Hat needs
to give us no cost software supported forever..."

William Hooper

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