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Re: How to Propose Packages?

On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 12:47:47PM -0700, Howard Owen wrote:
> How do you propose a package for inclusion under the new regime?
> I have an auditing package called sudoscript that's been in contrib 
> since 1.0.something. It's now at version 2.2.1 with 3.0 in testing.
> I'd like to maintain in RHL. What's the process?

Well, that's the catch. We don't have the infrastructure in place yet.

We've started by putting up a lot of our internal devel docs on
rhl.redhat.com, and moving our devel discussion from internal forums
to rhl-devel-list and #rhl-devel. So joining those is probably a good

The problem is that our infrastructure for all the aspects of
maintaining a package is still partially internal.  So over the next
months, we will be trying to break down the barriers to external

Right now, to accept an external package we'd basically need someone
internal to act as a proxy for you to build your SRPMs, we may do this
for two or three packages, but it isn't going to scale at all.


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