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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator

> > I dont expect that this will be any different for any of the Linux
> > companies and volunteer orgs (Debian) in the coming years. Everytime
> > there is a new Debian, the security volunteers say they will only
> > maintain the old release for 6 months and there is great wailing and
> > nashing of teeth about how shitty Debian is.
> The difference of course is, Debian offers a stable release life of over
> 2 years prior. That is hardly as aggravating as making a major migration
> potentially twice a year. I think you will find very few orgs willing to
> deploy Fedora under those conditions, and even fewer able to justify
> paying for RHEL being that it is quite expensive compared to other
> options.

That's our point. When you deploy on hundreds of servers, like many of the 
consortium members do, there's no chance in heck that we're going to pay a 
minimum of $179 (on up to $2500 IIRC) *PER* server. I'd much prefer to 
pool resources and distribute the cost.


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