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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator

> > Holy shit, my boss is gonna can this distro completely!
> You may want to convince him to join the Fedora Legacy project.  Or,
> if he wants something supported by Red Hat for a longer period, Red
> Hat Enterprise Linux.
> > At least with RHL we had *some* stability....*sigh*
> Which came at a cost.  Who paid for that?

We did, in a way.

We ran RHL for small servers (such as our static web server) and RHEL for 
serious servers (RHAS 2.1 with Oracle 9i for our database server.)

The *only* reason that my boss went with RHEL was because I was able to 
show him with RHL on small servers that it was stable and powerful.

There is no way that we're gonna be able to pay for RHEL for all of the 
small servers that we maintain.

Another guy at work has been trying to get us to go to a mixture of True64 
and Solaris.  Now that RH is *more* expensive on x86 than Solaris, and my 
boss is an old Solaris/SPARC admin....well, you get the idea.

List price for Solaris 9 Workgroup server is $250 US.
List price for RHEL ES is $349 US.

Damnit, I love RH and *really* don't like Solaris. *sigh*

I know that RH is trying to stay profitable.  I understand and wish them 
the best.  They've done an *outstanding* job.  I just hope and pray that 
they haven't shot themselves in the foot here.  I know that we will be 
trying to find an alternative before up2date stops working for RH9. :(


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