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NVidia drivers cause Segmentation Faults in RH9 and Fedora Core beta

Hello folks, I seem to have a long running problem here.  Under RH9 I had
a major
problem with Segmentation Faults, everything I did would cause a
Segmentation Fault
(see Troubled RH9 in archives), XMMS OpenOffice.  Now I have associated
this with
the older NVidia drivers I was using, but when I upgraded the drivers to
the most
recent ones it did not cure the problem, I did save my QT apps by
upgrading my QT
which I needed to do anyway and they work.  Is there anyway to save
OpenOffice, xmms
just says segmentation fault, but Open Office RC 4 and 1.0.2 say this:

/usr/lib/tls/libGLcore.so.1 error: Line 697: Segmentation Fault : Aborting

XMMS I really could give two craps about but is there anyway to save Open
Office I
have tried to Reinstall these apps with no luck. The Nvidia driver is
version 4363

Now to the Fedora Core Team:  With the Beta release of Fedora Core I have
the same
problem with NVidia drivers, and the additional problem is that the screen
splash the NVidia splash screen then all will go black and I have to do a
reboot.  Once again upgrading thye NVidia drivers did not clear the
problem up.

Any suggestions would be helpful, if need be you can write me a private

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