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Re: NVidia drivers cause Segmentation Faults in RH9 and FedoraCore beta

You aren't installing the drivers properly, or Fedora/Red Hat is munging
them up.  The NVIDIA drivers use a highly accelerated, custom GL driver,
so you have to disable the XFree86 Mesa GL driver.  Any RPM upgrades of
Mesa/XFree86 will generally overwrite the nVidia library with the
incorrect Mesa library.

You have to rerun the nvidia-installer utility after these packages are
upgraded.  You also need to read the README and make sure you installed
the driver correctly; namely, make sure your XF86Config file is setup
right (i.e., you aren't loading incorrect modules).

If you go to the NVIDIA Linux Forum, you'll get better answers than
here.  You can also find there an init script I wrote for RH9/Fedora
which on boot will *attempt to* detect and correct corrupted/munged
NVIDIA driver installations.  At least, the script works well enough for
me.  (It handles both kernel and XFree86/Mesa upgrades, assuming you
have the kernel-source package for your running kernel installed, and a
'net connection available at bootup time.)

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 13:42, Roberto J. Dohnert wrote:
> Hello folks, I seem to have a long running problem here.  Under RH9 I had
> a major
> problem with Segmentation Faults, everything I did would cause a
> Segmentation Fault
> (see Troubled RH9 in archives), XMMS OpenOffice.  Now I have associated
> this with
> the older NVidia drivers I was using, but when I upgraded the drivers to
> the most
> recent ones it did not cure the problem, I did save my QT apps by
> upgrading my QT
> which I needed to do anyway and they work.  Is there anyway to save
> OpenOffice, xmms
> just says segmentation fault, but Open Office RC 4 and 1.0.2 say this:
> /usr/lib/tls/libGLcore.so.1 error: Line 697: Segmentation Fault : Aborting
> XMMS I really could give two craps about but is there anyway to save Open
> Office I
> have tried to Reinstall these apps with no luck. The Nvidia driver is
> version 4363
> Now to the Fedora Core Team:  With the Beta release of Fedora Core I have
> the same
> problem with NVidia drivers, and the additional problem is that the screen
> will
> splash the NVidia splash screen then all will go black and I have to do a
> force
> reboot.  Once again upgrading thye NVidia drivers did not clear the
> problem up.
> Any suggestions would be helpful, if need be you can write me a private
> e-mail.
Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com>
AwesomePlay Productions, Inc.

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