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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator

Bill Anderson wrote 2003-10-01

Well if you need no support from RH ....
-> Buy as many licenses as you feel you can, you can even use these on
your priority production machines for the support aspect
-> Download the SRPMS[1]
-> Use an installed system to build the SRPMS into a distro, since they
are GPLed.[2]
-> Deploy the GPL version to your other systems, "branding" it a "Common
Operating Environment"
There is a project already underway on making a system to build an
installable release from the SRPMS.

Thank you very much for you ideas Bill!

It's good to read at last a smart solution to the
problem instead of "change Linux Distribution", etc.

Do you know the name (or better yet the URL) of
that "installable release from the SRPMS" project?



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