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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- there are a lot of variables here ...

Quoting David Holden <dh iucr org>:
> When fedora is release will I beable to say to my boss, yes we can
> install fedora version "x" and be able to rely on redhat providing
> security updates for the next 2-3 years for that version, or will
> have have to say to my boss if you want a stable OS for 2-3year you
> will have to cough up $345 for system/per year.

First off, the last time I checked, RHEL WS is $179/year (or are you talking 
about ES?).

> As far as I know for version of Microsoft OS's your guaranteed >3 years
> use of that OS and security updates are *free*.
> (Yes I know microsoft and security are words that really don't mix :))

Secondly, Microsoft has the volume to sustain security updates on a $99-199 
product.  Red Hat does not.

*BUT* if you keep your Fedora Core current to at least 6 months, possibly a 
year (if I'm reading the details correctly), you _do_ have such updates.

If you need 1-7 years, then you need to purchase a product that will support 
the vendor who does it, given the volume they sell at.

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There is no greater ignorance than the popular American environ-
mental movement, which focuses on the most useless details.  Be it
recycling the world's most renewable resource or refusal to use
proven CFC insulation on launch vehicles, no lives will be spared
in the further pursuit of, ironically, harming the environment.

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