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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- there are a lot of variables here ...

On Thursday 02 Oct 2003 4:44 pm, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Quoting David Holden <dh iucr org>:
> > When fedora is release will I beable to say to my boss, yes we can
> > install fedora version "x" and be able to rely on redhat providing
> > security updates for the next 2-3 years for that version, or will
> > have have to say to my boss if you want a stable OS for 2-3year you
> > will have to cough up $345 for system/per year.
> First off, the last time I checked, RHEL WS is $179/year (or are you
> talking about ES?).

yes ES.  

> > As far as I know for version of Microsoft OS's your guaranteed >3 years
> > use of that OS and security updates are *free*.
> > (Yes I know microsoft and security are words that really don't mix :))
> Secondly, Microsoft has the volume to sustain security updates on a $99-199
> product.  Red Hat does not.

Of course which is back to my original post,  about the cost of doing this,  
assuming the WS edition (>3x179) again $99-199.

> *BUT* if you keep your Fedora Core current to at least 6 months, possibly a
> year (if I'm reading the details correctly), you _do_ have such updates.

Yes this is find if  keeping Fedora core current doesn't break important 
things that users are used to, e.g. kde desktop settings etc..

> If you need 1-7 years, then you need to purchase a product that will
> support the vendor who does it, given the volume they sell at.

Of course and again back to my original post,

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