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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- there are a lot ofvariables here ...

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 10:05, Bryan J. Smith wrote:

> I.e., I used to find Red Hat Linux the best of both QA/integration testing and 
> half-way recent/current packages.  In the Debian world, the two see to be 
> mutually exclusive -- Stable = former, Testing = latter.

Actually their testing distribution is by far the worst distribution. 
(unless it's close to a new stable).

The unstable release (bleeeeding edge) is not half bad.  I use that on
my work PC.  Of course ... galeon hasn't worked for a bit now.  

No worries.  I have konqueror, mozilla, etc.

As long as the dist-upgrades are kept to a minimum (use just upgrade
instead)...it seems pretty reliable to me.


"There is a lot of speculation and I guess there is going to continue to
be a log of speculation until the speculation ends." - George W. Bush on
October 18, 1998

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