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RE: RE: Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions on SuSE incorrect?

According to the SuSE rep, the Professional, Pro Upgrade and Personal
CD-ROMs may be copied and distributed as long as there is no profit
involved.  That was this afternoon while I have been addressing these

He told me specifically, that I could not install it on a computer and
sell the computer.  I can Give away as many copies as I desire to give
away.  We did not discuss the ISOs and internet distribution.  


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> Whoa whoa whoa whoa ... wait a second!  Now I understand my query here

> on a Red Hat list about SuSE might not be appropriate, but I'm going
to go ahead and
make it -- prompting for any corrections to my assumptions.
> I am currently very much under the belief that SuSE CDs (at least 
> through 8.x) are very much _not_ redistributable!  Yes, you can pull
a "redistributable" version via packages from the Internet, but I have
seen a SuSE CD (or CD image) that wasn't either a "commercial shrink
wrap" for 
a single (or finite number of) system, or an "evaluation."
> SuSE's distro relies on non-100% redistributable components.  Now you 
> _may_ be able to install it on a number of systems with your purchase,

> but that is also the case with Sun StarOffice as well -- you can_not_ 
> simply "redistribute" it freely.
> Am I mistaken on SuSE???

I am running SuSE 8.2 Personal (also tried Mandrake 9.1 and briefly
tried Debian Woody). I may be wrong, but I believe that YaST and YaST2
are not redistributable. Since YaST is the installer for SuSE, you end
up with something you can not freely load on other machines. I -MAY- be
wrong, but I think that is the whole reason behind not having
downloadable SuSE ISO's, and why on the few occasions you DO find SuSE
ISO's on a public FTP server, they are pulled quickly.

That's part of the reason I am here. I am looking for a desktop
distribution that is freely distributable, easy to install, and that
will have good user guides. I would hope with a community project, you
do not pay for up2date - but use a similar tool - although I'm often
wrong. I feel that with the backing of RH, Fedora will meet all those
requirements. Since I'm downloading Severn ISO's right now, take my
above comments as a rank amatuer newbie.

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