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RE: Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions onSuSE incorrect?

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 16:09, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Quoting Buck <RHList towncorp net>:
> > For me, SuSE is more affordable, has long term maintenance and an
> > option for a long term stable product compatible with the rest.
> > For $50 ($10 less than the Red Hat Network) I get an original disc,
> > I can copy and distribute it for free, and I can install it on all
> > the computers I desire.
> Whoa whoa whoa whoa ... wait a second!  Now I understand my query here on a Red 
> Hat list about SuSE might not be appropriate, but I'm going to go ahead and 
> make it -- prompting for any corrections to my assumptions.
> I am currently very much under the belief that SuSE CDs (at least through 8.x) 
> are very much _not_ redistributable!  Yes, you can pull down 
> a "redistributable" version via packages from the Internet, but I have _never_ 
> seen a SuSE CD (or CD image) that wasn't either a "commercial shrink wrap" for 
> a single (or finite number of) system, or an "evaluation."
> SuSE's distro relies on non-100% redistributable components.  Now you _may_ be 
> able to install it on a number of systems with your purchase, but that is also 
> the case with Sun StarOffice as well -- you can_not_ simply "redistribute" it 
> freely.
> Am I mistaken on SuSE???


Here's a short, short list:
Codeweaver Crossover Office 
SUN Star Office

And more importantly, perhaps:
"On how many machines may I install and utilize SuSE Linux Desktop?
                SuSE Linux Desktop may be installed on every machine for
                which a separate maintenance agreement was closed. 
     2. Why does this Linux system only have a license for one
                The "normal" Linux components of SuSE Linux Desktop are
                Open Source and may be copied and utilized pursuant to
                the applicable licenses (GPL, YaST, etc.). 
                However, the individual components are subject to
                licenses that limit the deployment to one machine. 
     3. Do I lose the license when the maintenance agreement expires?
                No. By purchasing the Maintenance Program once, you
                obtain the license for the continuous utilization of all
                components of SuSE Linux as described above. 

It is the OP who is incorrect. Note, with all due shock and horror, at
number 2 (no, not *that* number 2! ;) ).

According to their site, the maintenance program for 1 year on 5 clients
is 500 bucks(US). Ouch. for 50 clients it comes to ~85/client/year. Ouch
again. Those are just the desktops.


The way I read it, RHN is a bargain by comparison --and is cheaper:

Further, SuSE Enterprise 8 is 749 USD. Additional years are 699 for just
the "Maintenance program". "Premium support" is 2250/year. IIUI, this is
the equivalent of the RH offering.

So, for all those considering SuSE because RHEL is "too much". Well, now
you're better prepared for the sticker shock. ;)

Bill Anderson
RHCE #807302597505773
bill noreboots com

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