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RE: Fedora and the System Administrator -- Red Hat v. SuSE it isnot ...

Ok, I wasn't discussing or comparing Enterprise.  That's out of my area
of interest at this time.  

According to Sales, Professional  (the product I spent the most time on)
and Upgrade are the same thing.  The only difference is the printed
documentation comes with Pro for $30 more.  However, Rick very clearly
stated that the purchase of either Pro or Pro Upgrade included the
maintenance for the life of the product.  There was no extra charge.
There is a subscription service for the updates for $50 ea that allows
you to get the first releases, but there was no extra charge for the
maintenance updates.  

I stand corrected on the SuSE cycle but remember that I was comparing
this to the, now deceased Red Hat Linux (such as version 8 and 9).  

I have no doubt that if Red Hat made a comparable product I would be
more attracted to it, if for no other reason than the people on these

I do not talk about other products to promote them on here, I hope
everyone realizes that.  I am weighing my options and looking for the
one that is most compatible to my goals.  

I have heard rumors that Red Hat is going to be announcing a possible
low-end product but until I hear it and see it, it doesn't exist.  


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On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 17:08, Buck wrote:
> Now compare this:
> Red Hat Linux 9 has free ISOs from the internet.  
> SuSE Install from the internet (BPITA) or download to a server with
> installed and install from that server.
> Red Hat network for 12 months (for up2date) $60.00  
> SuSE Professional Upgrade: includes disks and their version of up2date
> for the supported life of the product.

Whoa there Hoss. The update is just that, an update. Compare
Professional, not the update. Professional is 80 bucks. The update
*service* is 50, bu the website is a bit confusing on the whole thing.

The maintenance of packages ofr he life of the product is no the same as
using an u2date network service (though to be at least somewhat on
topic, Fedora's up2date supports apt and yum for third party tools
whereas YOU does not.

> I know that RHL is history.  But that is what I had a few weeks ago.
> Both Red Hat and SuSE are releasing new products every 4-6 months.  
> Red hat was maintaining theirs for the life of the following release 
> (8-12 months total)

And Now Fedora will total 7-10 months for maintenance. SuSE says their
non-enterprise cycle is 6 months, not 4-6 -- that's Fedora.

> and SuSE maintains theirs for 18 - 24 months, but "that's
> not a promise" or, in other words, subject to change without notice or

> continued support. Lol

IIRC< RH says the same thing about Fedora: no SLA

> Really, the cost of RHL with maintenance and SuSE with maintenance was

> about the same. Buy every other version of SuSE and it would be about 
> the same price.
Now that this thread is thoroughly hijacked ...

For Enterprise Desktops you are looking at:
  RH:    179/year (Basic)
  SuSE:  120+100/year (get 5) (Basic)

  RH "Standard" WS:  300/year -- includes 4 hour SLA on phone support, 
                                 2 bus day on web
  SuSE: Apparently no "Premium" on Desktop.

For Enterprise Servers you are looking at:
 Product       Basic     Standard    Premium      
  RH-AS         n/a        1499         2499
  RH-ES         349         799         n/a
  SuSE-ES       750(699/year after)     2250

For RHAS Std Support: See above for desktops.
For RHAS Premium Support:  pri-1 ticket response time:Web; 1 BD. Phone:
1 hour For SLES "Maintenance" Support: You can download stuff and join a
web portal. You get email for security updates. For SLES Premium
Support: 2 hour on phone, no SLA on any other means of communication

Life cycle:
 RH:   "at least five years"
 SuSE: 5 years from launch date (not from EOL as some have said)

So comparing ES to ES: RH wins hands down on support/price Comparing AS
to ES: RH wins hands down on support, for a bit more money.

Bill Anderson
RHCE #807302597505773
bill noreboots com

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