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Re: Just some redhat musings

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I think the analysis if Martin's above succinctly gets to the core of
> the real problem. We at Trinity run 100 or so machines for student and
> faculty use and the Fedora Core just won't do it for us. We have not
> the staff for the fast turn around nor the money to purchase that many
> RHEL copies. (I am not sure but I am assuming your would need a
> copy bought for each machine. Correct me if I am wrong.)

I suggest you take a good long look at the Fedora Legacy
subproject..which is defined on the terminology page on the
fedora.redhat,com website.  It's important that those who are at all
willing to contribute to a community organized way to handle security
updates for an extended period of time, that they start getting together
to discuss how they want to handle it. There is no reason a community
response to a the upcoming EOL for rh 7.3 can not be in place and ready
to go this december. No reason, other than everyone who is interested in
seeing EOL's extended, foolishly sitting on the fence hoping and praying
RH changes their mind. 



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