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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- there are a lot ofvariables here ...

Edward Croft wrote:

> Yes, I knew BlueCurve was a theme, but there was also writeups that they
> did stuff to kde and gnome that ended up breaking some things in kde

The key here...is you haven't learned to to be skeptical about what you
read...and you haven't learned who to trust, or how to evaluate
someone's personal biases, and how to distinguish between rumor and

Perhaps this url will provide some balanced and fair counter argument to
the other 'writeups' you have taken the time to read.


-jef"understanding the inherent biases in any blog, mailinglist or news
or press reporting is essential to obtaining a balance view of the
issue...the daily show and fox news should both be commended for making
their biases self-evident instead of hiding behind the false and
misleading claim of impartiality."spaleta  

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