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RE: Fedora and the System Administrator -- "have" -> "had"

When I talked to a Red Hat representative on the telephone, Red Hat has
adopted a policy that states that the name "Red Hat" will be associated
with reliability and support.  I don't believe there will be an
unsupported Red Hat again.  

Speaking on my own as I see it:  Red Hat wants whomever hears their name
to think "Quality, reliability, availability, 'I want it!'".  Red Hat is
aware that there a lot of confusion has arisen because of the names "Red
Hat Linux" and "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" and they only want the image
of RHEL.  The only way to get that is to divorce from "Red Hat Linux"
and terminate its name.  Until the last few weeks when I became active
on this list, there was only "Red Hat Linux" the big umbrella that meant
all of their products collectively and severally.  That creates a lot of
confusion, and confusion costs customers.  


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Quoting Paul Gear <paul gear dyndns org>:
> And that's the whole problem, isn't it?  :-)  Some of us need more 
> than "enthusiast", but less than "enterprise"... I really don't 
> understand why Red Hat couldn't just dump the "boxed set, store shelf"

> part of the "consumer" distro and still do everything as before.  That

> would cut back most of the costs associated with the retail channel, 
> yet allow us to keep using a reasonably well-supported OS.

I think that's what they may be doing.  But they can't just come right
out and 
say that.  It's all about support.  What they ship, they have to support
if it's not a law, nor followed by many Linux distributors, but a Red
distro motto ;-)

In every case I have played "wait and see" with Red Hat, I have _always_
pleasantly surprised.  I hope Fedora does as well.  It's in Red Hat's
interest to do so.

I see Bob Young speak on business, not much different than Bill Gates,
unlike Bill Gates, he doesn't screw his own developers.  I then see Red
developers and technologists implement a 100% community-focused feature
package set.  I'm biased, but I really like Red Hat for the balancing
act they 
are able to come off with.

> Surely producing a CD-ROM distribution available by subscription only 
> and charging a low-to-medium amount of money for RHN basic wouldn't be

> that much of a money sink...

I think we'll see a lot of "repositories" crop up.  I chaulk this all up
internal Red Hat developers and technologies proving to the management
that the 
community can better support distribution than RHN.

> A: Because we read from top to bottom, left to right.
> Q: Why should i start my reply below the quoted text?

I love it when someone new to a LUG (obviously using Outlook) complained
my ettique of bottom posting and cutting out irrelevant quotes in my

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