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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- "have" -> "had"

Quoting David Jansen <jansen strw leidenuniv nl>:
> Let's home Fedora Legacy can provide the missing middle road between
> the two existing options.

"Fedora Legacy"???  I'm new here so my ignorance is far fetching (so feel free 
to "smack" me ;-).

> Or some other third-party support service, we will see what the
> future may bring.

In an ideal world, I'd like to see:

Two "Fedora" tags:
  A)  "Bleeding Edge Kernel/GLibC" (like old RHL .0 releases)
  B)  "RHEL Compatible Kernel/GLibC" (not necessarily ABI, but at least API 

But I'll settle for any "well integration tested" 'Fedora Core' at this point.  
I'm hoping Red Hat puts enough people on Fedora that we have just that within 6 
months.  I would call that a "success."

Everything else will come with time and effort.  Red Hat can't do it all, but I 
believe they will do all they can to help the community.  They have yet to tell 
me otherwise.

> David (who is also looking into ways to convince work (= university)
> to allocate some budget for RHEL...)

I hear you.  Maybe if things stop working that _might_ get management to free 
up the dough.

Bryan J. Smith, E.I.  mailto:b j smith ieee org  http://thebs.org
There is no greater ignorance than the popular American environ-
mental movement, which focuses on the most useless details.  Be it
recycling the world's most renewable resource or refusal to use
proven CFC insulation on launch vehicles, no lives will be spared
in the further pursuit of, ironically, harming the environment.

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