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RE: Fedora and the System Administrator -- are my assumptions on SuSE incorrect?

My understanding is that if you provide the product, it is for a profit
but if the customer hands you the product to install, it is free.  You
can get around this by taking the customer a copy of the discs one day
before and then when you go back, pick up the customer's copy and
install it into his computer.

Personally, for the low price, just buy a copy of Pro Upgrade and charge
it back to the customer once.  It's only $50 and they get the
maintenance updates for the maintenance life of the product.

I was told specifically that it was a violation of the copyright to
install it on a system and sell the system without buying a copy of the
Linux.  Sales was pretty specific that the free distribution could not
be associated with a profit.  

Upgrade does not include manuals and costs less than Pro with manuals.
That's the only difference.  You don't have to buy manuals unless you
want them.  Besides, no law says you can't sell it above retail.  I have
done it many times.  Just be sure to collect and pay the sales tax.  I
started paying the sales tax when I buy a product and turning the
original receipt to the customer and charging them for service or labor.
No tax and the business writes it off instead of depreciating it.


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> I just confirmed with "Rick" at sales:  Only for the Professional, 
> Professional Update and Personal, one can distribute CD-ROMs for free 
> as long as "no profit is involved".

What do they mean by profit? During an install I charge a fee for the
installation and some OS tweaking, but it is understood that the OS 
software itself is free. I might even leave behind a few CDs, but what I

charge for is my time as a consultant. Sometimes even that is free if
customer has opted for one of our support contracts.


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