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Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- "have" -> "had"

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

> "Fedora Legacy"???  I'm new here so my ignorance is far fetching (so 
> feel free to "smack" me ;-).

better than smacking you....i'm going to tell you to read the
documentation at fedora.redhat.com. ALL useful discussion on any
policies relating to fedora, pretty much require you to have read the
fedora.redhat.com website pages, at a bare minimum. Since I'm a
realist...I'm going to say that you have to make an attempt to
understand what you read there. Spending a few hours and trying to read
back over the last 3 months of conversations on this mailinglist would
probably also help get you on the right page...though that takes some
non-trivial skill and experience at filtering small signals from large
amplitude background noise.


outlines where Fedora Legacy will fit into the new world order.

-jef"brandishing the cluestick since 1841"spaleta

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